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Did Robert Hooke really invent the anchor escapement?

Robert Hooke | England’s Leonardo Robert Hooke was an English natural philosopher, architect, and polymath. Born 18th July 1635 in Freshwater, Isle of Wight, and died 3rd March 1703 (aged 67) London, England. As a young adult, he was a financially impoverished scientific inquirer but came into wealth and a good reputation following his actions…

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John Jefferys (clockmaker)

John Jefferys (1701 – 1754) was an English clockmaker and watchmaker. His parents, John and Jane Jefferys lived in a house called Darbies in the village of Midgham in the parish of Thatcham in Berkshire. His father was a wool merchant. His maternal grandparents were William and Bridgett Yeats. He had at least five brothers…

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Raymond-Saunders-in-his workshop

Raymond Saunders (clockmaker)

Raymond Saunders is a Canadian clockmaker who has designed and built more than 150 customized clocks that mainly serve as tourist-attracting public artworks. In 1977 he was commissioned to build a steam clock for the Gastown district of Vancouver, Canada. The Gastown clock may be the first steam clock ever built, although there is evidence…

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Dial by John Benson

John Benson (clock maker)

John Benson was a famous English clock maker who worked and lived in Whitehaven. He became a highly skilled and much respected clock maker, and his work was mainly in brass dial 8-day clocks with rolling moons for the upper market. Many have centre calendar work and simple rise/fall, ebb/flow, tidal indicators, and include clocks…

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James Woolley

Image by/from Andrewrabbott James Woolley or James Wolley (ca.1695 – 22 November 1786) was a watch and clockmaker from Codnor, Derbyshire. He was born ca 1695, the son of Samuel Woolley and Abigail Pinegar. He made turret clocks, one of which was installed in the Nottingham Exchange, which he gifted to the Nottingham Corporation, and…

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