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Although Riversdale Clocks will no longer be carrying out antique clock repairs and restoration or making longcase clock cases, due to the retirement of the proprietor and founder Barry Share, you can still find your local U.K. repair and restoration man by checking out the BWCMG members links by CLICKING HERE.

Riversdale Clocks endeavours to meet the needs and growing demand for clock and watch repair and restoration knowledge by publishing well researched and assessed horological information for horological historians, antique clock restorers, collectors, and clock making enthusiasts.


Riversdale’s Clock Makers DataBase & List.

picture of old clock makers

In the attempt to give as much help to horological historians and clock and movement restorers with their research.

You can get access to our…  Clock Makers database HERE.

The list of 4,500 clockmakers has been compiled from a number of sources and is still being added to…

“This comprehensive list has saved us hours when researching
case period
styles to match old movements”.

Much thought was given by the team at Riversdale, which acknowledges the fact that there is, a need and a growing demand for clock repair and restoration information from antique clock/watch restorers and clock/watch making enthusiasts. 

So with a unanimous decision and with enthusiasm and dedication this site will stay up and running, passing on the knowledge, tips, and tricks acquired after many years of repairing, restoring, and clock making in the industry.

We will also endeavour to supply information on all the best clock plans, inform you on where to find the best clock parts and tooling, not just for horological repairs but woodworking and finishing.

We will be reviewing horological books and products giving you our honest opinion on clock kits tools and supplies, and advice helping you to make the best purchases for you, not the manufacturers.


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