Don’t Dismiss eBay For Movements & Dials…

Sourcing antique or old movements and dials for restoration suitable to be housed in a reproduction case you are proposing to make can be time-consuming and costly, to say the least.

I have spent many hours rummaging through antique shops and fairs and standing hours trying to buy dilapidated eight-day rack strike movements at a reasonable price at many an out of the way clock auctions.

longcase clock movementsI have now found a wonderful array of not only movements and dials but a great assortment of tools and spare parts just waiting to be sent directly to my workshop sat there under one roof… you guessed it, eBay.

Over the years I have had some really good bargains, I am sure some people don’t know what they have got their hands on.

Don’t dismiss eBay as a none-starter for project material, take some time and rummage through the items for sale on a regular basis I am sure you will find that little gem you may be looking for.

Below you will see links to items for sale you may be interested in on eBay right now, take a look and you will see what I mean…

Clocks and Dials on Ebay Right NOW!