Books and Courses

Books and Courses

We have a collection of vintage training books and courses for the beginner and those who wish to improve. These vintage publications have been digitized and edited. Using only state of the art technology too digitally reconstruct these works.

Now you can learn the practical skills to repair and make clocks and watches. Learn the intricacies of delicate time-keeping movements and all the related. All passed down from the masters of bygone days of Horology that are part and parcel of being an horologist, also at an affordable price.


“Wisconsin Institute of Horology
Home Study Course”

“Home Study Course of the Wisconsin Institute of Horology”

A Complete Course of Instruction in Practical Watch Repairing
for the Beginner and Those Who Wish to Improve.

Second Edition Completely Revised, Improved
and Considerably Enlarged
Copyright 1921, by F. A. Thomas

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book cover

by Mervyn Passmore Buy-£4.99

Complicated Watches and Their Repair -cover

by Donald de Carle—-£17.84- RRP: £18.50

The pocket Watch book cover

£18.19– RRP: £20.00

Repairing Old Clocks and Watches cover

Buy used £9.85

Science of Watch Repair Simplified cover

A Watchmaker’s Book in Plain Language £4.32- RRP: £8.73










Watch Repair For Beginners:

watch repair for beginners

Buy new: £7.86

The Ultimate Guide to Easily Master Watchmaking & Build, Clean, and Repair Clocks Like a True Professional

This ultimate guide starts with the basics, introducing you to the intricate world of timepieces and the essential tools needed for watch repair. You’ll learn about the various components that make up a watch, their functions, and how to handle them with care. Through detailed explanations and clear illustrations, you’ll gradually build a solid foundation in watchmaking techniques.

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Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair:
by Mick Watters (Author)

Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair is targeted primarily at those who want to learn about watch repair, and features movements that are representative of those found in other watches. The easy to follow instructions are appropriate to both professional repairers and enthusiasts. Material covered includes the working environment, overhauling basic mechanical watches, automatics, stop watches, chronographs, some restoration, and basic quartz watches – both analogue and liquid crystal display.

Mick Watters is a Fellow of the British Horological Institute and Freeman of The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. He has been actively involved in horology for almost half a century, and for the last thirty years has taught watch and clock repairing at St Loye’s College, Exeter.

A really nice book, well written easy to read and understand. Good for the novices and old hands alike.for mechanical watch repair. It also has some good line drawings and B&W photos with a very interesting quartz watch section. Well written book by an exceptionally good teacher, extremely good value..

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