Clock Makers: A

A.  English & European Clock Makers

Abbott, John Q. London. 1787-1800. Was tried and convicted

for having made an agreement to go to Russia to follow his trade. Made longcase clocks veneered and inlaid with marquetry.

Abbott, John I. London.1740. Son of Peter.

Abbott, Peter. London. 1719.

Abbott, Philip. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1703.

Abrahams, H. London. 1800- 16.

Achard, George et Fils. Geneva. Late eighteenth century. Repeating watches in jewelled and enamelled cases.

Ackers, W. London. 1700.

Acott, William. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1791

Southgate, Middlesex.

Acton, Abraham. London. Clockmakers’ Company. I709.

Acton, Thomas. London. 1677. Of Clerkenwell.

Adams, Francis Bryant. London. 1808-49. Warden 1845,

46, 47. Master 1848, 49. St. John’s Square.

Adams, Francis Bryant, Jr. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1828-42.

St. John’s Square.

Adams, George. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1829. St. John’s Square.

Adams, James. London. 1832-57Warden 1848, 49, 50, 51,52,53.

Master  1854, 57. St. John’s Square.

Adams, J. London. 1843.

Adamson, Humphrey. London.1668-82. Made a clock for Charles 11.

Adamson, John. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1686.

Addis, George Curzon. London.Clockmakers’ Company.1780-96.Birchin Lane, Cornhi1l; later at Lombard Street.Clockmakers’ Company. 1786.Livery, 1787.

Addis, Robert. Bristol. 1720.

Addis, William. London. 1745-66. Warden 1761, 62, 63. Master 1764.

Put on livery 1766. Son of Robert Addis.

Addis, William. London. 1781.

Addison, T. Liverpool. 1750.

Addison, Joseph. London. 1775.

Adeane, Henry. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1675

Adeane, Henry, 2. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1705.

Adlington, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1806.Gutter Lane.



Agar, John, Sr.  York. 1741.Maker of tall clocks veneered with curly mahogany,

or of English walnut inlaid with marquetry.

Ahns, J. Derby,  England. 1730.

Aickin, G.  Cork,  Ireland.

Aitchison, Robert. Edinburgh.

Aitken, George. Edinburgh.

Aitken, John. Edinburgh. 1750.

Aitken, John. London. 1810-25

Aitken & Son. Cornwath, Scotland. 1800-50.

Alais, M. Blois, France. -1700.

Albert, Isaac. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1731.

Albino, Agostin. Madrid, Spain. 1806-13

Albrecht, Z. Michau Georg. 1713. Maker of a very handsome gold watch which belonged to

George I., bought for the collection at Marlborough House at the Bernal sale, 1855.

Alcock, Elias. London. 1650-75

Alcock, George. London. 1770-83

Alcock, James. London. 1790.

Alcock, John, I. London.1650-70

Alcock, John, 2. London. 1720.

Alcock, John, 3. London. 1772-75.

Alcock, Thomas. London.1632-55,Junior Warden 1645.Senior Warden 1646.

Alcorn, Richard. Edinburgh.1703

Alderman, Edwin. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1822-34. Barbican.

Aldred, Leonard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1671 A great clockmaker.

Aldridge, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1726.

Aldworth, Samuel. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1697.

Alexander, J. London. 1750.

Alexander, John. Edinburgh.1667. One of the earliest of Scottish clockmakers.

Alexander, Robert. London.1708. Son of John. His trial work was an eight-day pendulum clock, and lock and key, for at this time the clockmakers were associated with locksmiths.

Alexander, William. Glasgow.1840.

Alibut,- Paris. 1750.

Alisone, James. Edinburgh.1641.

Allam, Andrew. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1664.

Allam, -. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1743.

Allam, John. London. 1798.

Allan, James. Aberdeen. 1846.

Allan, W. London. 1750-85.

Allaway, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1695.

Allen, Elias. London. 1633-55. Warden 1635. Master 1636.


Allen, George. London. 1781. Honorary Freeman.

Allen, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1653.

Allen, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1720.

Allet, George. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1691.

Alling, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1722.

Allmand, William. Lothbury.1700

Allsop, Joshua. Northumberland. Clockmakers’ Company.1689.

A great clockmaker.

Allsop, J. London. Probably Joshua named above.

Maker of a japanned-case clock.

Almond, John. London. Clockmakers’Company. 1671.

Almond, Ralph. London. Warden 1675, 76, 77. Master 1678.

Almond, William. Lothbury.1633

Alston, John. Edinburgh. 1811.

Amalric, Frbres. Paris. 1750.

Ambrose, David. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1669.

Ambrose, Edward. London.1634. Apprentice of Elias Voland.

Ames, Richard. London. 1653-81. Warden 1677, 78, 81.

Chosen master but died before he was sworn in.

Ames, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1682.

Amyot, Peter. Norwich. 1720.

Amyott, Thomas. London. 1770.

Ancrum, Thomas. Edinburgh.1703.

Anderson, Charles. Aberdeen.1700.

Anderson, Samuel Thornton. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1811. Holborn.

Anderton, John. London. 1760. Little Wild Street.

Anderton, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1826. Commercial Road.

Andervalt, Pasquale. Trieste, France. Maker of a hydrogen gas clock.

Andrews, E. London. 1812.

Andrews, James. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1719.

Andrews, John. London Clockmakers’ Company 1688

Andrews, Thomas. London 1750. Maker of a silver double-case watch.

Andrews, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1703.

Andrews, Robert. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1709.

Andrews, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1705.

Andrews, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1719.

Angely, Jehan. Paris. 1700.

Angely,  Paris. 1686.

Angoville, Paris. 1680.


Aniht, London. 1750.

Anness, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1802-20. Cheapside.

Ansell, George. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1796-1821.

Whitecross Alley Moorfields 1820 was at Whitecross Street, Wilson Street, Fitisbury Square.

Ansell, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company, 1680.

Antes, John. London. 1787.

Antram, Joshua. London. 1712.Maker of long-case inlaid clocks, of mahogany or walnut.

Antrim, Joseph. London. 1720. Watch and clock maker to

His Majesty King George.

Apelyne, Francis. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1687.A Frenchman settled in London.

Appleby, Edmund. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1677.

Appleby, Joshua. London 1719-15. Warden 1742,43,44. Master 1745.

An apprentice of Daniel Quare.

Applegarth, Thomas. London Clockmakers’ Company. 1674

Archambo, John. London.1730. Maker of long-case clocks, mahogany veneered or inlaid walnut.

Archer, Edward. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 171 I.

Archer, Henry. London. 1630-50. Was first Senior Warden of the Clockmakers’ Company.

Archer, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1660.

Archer, Walter. London. 1715.

Archereque, -. London. 1775.

Argand & Salomon. France about 1780. Makers of a fine gold watch with case enameled and set with diamond sparks. was in the Robert Hoe collection, New York. (1911)

Ariell, James. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1811-30. Wilderness Row, Goswell Street.

Ariell, John. London. 1820-35. Percival Street.

Ariell, Samuel. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1823. Holborn Hill.

Arlaud, Antoine. Paris.1560.

Arland, Benjamin. London.1680.

Armstrong, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1724.

Arnold, John. London. Born 1744, died 1799. He was a celebrated maker of chronometers, and in 1764 he made the smallest repeating watch ever attempted. which he gave to George III. It was set in a so pleased the king that he gave the youth 500 guineas. He patented in 1775 cylindrical spiral springs, 1782 the epicycloids scapewheel, was admitted to Clockmakers’ Company1783, and elected to the livery 1796. His son, J. R. Arnold, received £5,000 from the Board of Longitude for improvements made by his father in chronometers. Died 1799 at Well Hall, near Eltham, Kent, and was buried at Chislehurst.

Arnold, John, & Son. London.1795.

Arnold, John R. London Clockmakers’ Company. 1796-1817. Warden 1813, 14, 15, 16.Master 1817.

Arnold, John Roger. London Clockmakers’ Company. 1804-30.Cornhill. Put on liver)1807.

Arnold & Dent. London. 1820.


Arnold, Thomas. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1703.

Arnot, Thomas. Edinburgh.1723

Arsandaux, -. Paris. 1780.Maker of a splendid LouisXVI. clock, which brought £399, at Christie’s, 1908.

Arthaud, Louis à Lyon. Eighteenth century.1723-

Arthern, J. Northbridge, England.1770.

Arthur à Paris. E a r l y eighteenth century “Arthur,un des plus renommés et des plus à la mode pour les montres à répétition.” From “Horlogers de Paris,” given in “L‘Almanach Dauphin.”

Arthur, William. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1676.

“Ash, Mr.” London. 1630.Clockmaker.

Ash, Ralph. London. Clockmakers’Company. 1648.

Ash, Robert. London. Clockmakers’Company. 1826.Cheapside.

Ashbrook, John. London. 1680.Maker of long-case clocks, marquetry cases, square dials.

Ashburne, Leonard. London.1731. Maker of clock tell the hours at night.

Ashley & Mansell. London.1830. Clerkenwell.

Ashley, J. P. London. 1800–  05. City Road.

Ashton, -. Macclesfield. England, 1760.

Ashurst, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1699.

Ashwell, Nicholas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1649.

Aske, Henry. London. 1688.Admitted to Clockmakers’ Company 1676. Had as apprentice the famous clockmaker George Graham.

Askell, Elizabeth. London.1734 Was bound apprentice to Elinor Mosely.

Aspinwall, Josiah. London.1675.

Aspinwall, Samuel. London.1650.

Atkins, Francis. London. 1759-1809.Warden 1777, 78, 79. Master 1780. Elected Clerk

Atkins, George. London. Born1767, died 1855. Admitted to the Freedom 1788 and put on livery same year. He succeeded his father as Clerk to the Company, 1809, and held this office thirty-one years. Warden 1842-44. Master1845, 46. At his death had been connected with the Company sixty-seven years.

Atkins, George. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1808-40. 6 Cowper’s Court, Cornhill.

Atkinson, James. London.1667-97. Was admitted 1667.

Atler, Henry. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1671.

Attwood, George. London. Died 1807. Wrote a treatise on the isochronism of the balance spring, and was one of the committee to report on Mudge’s chronometer.

Audebert, -. Amsterdam. 1760.

Auguier, -. Litz. 1620-30.

Augustin, -. Vienna.1700.

Auld, William. Edinburgh,1806. Princes Street.


Amender, Grenado. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1811.Swan Street. Minories. 1817 Langdale Street, St. George’s East.

Austen, -. Cork. 1740-60.

Austin, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1711.

Autray, -. Paris. 1750.

Aveline, Daniel. London. 1731-71. Warden 1768, 69, 70.Master 1771. Died in office.

Aveline, Richard. London Admitted to livery 1700

Avenall, Thomas. 1700-10

Avenell, Edward. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1706-49. Beadle of Clockmakers’Company.

Avenell, John. London. 1735-56. Beadle of Clockrnakers‘ Company. Son of Edward.

Avenell, Philip. London. 1775.

Ayeres, Richard. London Clockmakers’ Company1680

Ayr, Benjamin. Edinburgh.