Clock Makers: K

K.  English & European Clock Makers.


Kanns, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1712.

Kassele, Joseph. Augsburg. 1803.

Keddon, Daniel. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1717.

Kehlhoff, Mary Anne. London.    1840.

Kehlhoff, Sophia. London. 1842.

Keller, Lorenz. Steppach, Germany.   1770.

Keller, Theodore. Steppach, Germany.  1770.

Kellet, Thomas. London. 1635. Clockmakers’ Company. Fined 5s. for having a defective watch.

Kelton, Simon. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1723.

Kemp, Charles. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1668

Kemp, James. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1812. Peckham, Surrey.

Kemp, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1701.

Kemp, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1787-1837.    Highgate, Middlesex.

Kemps, Matthew. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1670.

Kendal, John. London. 1620. Maker of watches, with catgut instead of chain.

Kendal, Larcum. London. 1774-86. An apprentice of John Harrison’s and a maker of very fine watches.

Kendrick, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1719.

Kendrick, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1726.

Kenney, William. London. 1682. Was working at trade but not admitted to Clockmakers’ Company.

Kenny, Vincent. London. 1530. Supplied clock and “dials” to Henry VIII.

Kenning, William.      London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1684. A great clockmaker.

Kennedy, R. H. London. Clockmakers’ Company. Warden 1854, 55, 56. Sheriff of London and Middlesex, 1855.   Died 1865.

Kennedy, William. Barn-bridge, Ireland. Died 1790. Though blind made many clocks plain and musical.

Kent, Henry. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1650.

Kenton, Joseph. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1686.

Kershaw, George. London. 1790-95. Maker of a clock 7 ft. 8 in. tall, brass works, strike-silent, day of month, mahogany case inlaid.

Kevitt, R.    London.    1775.

Kheller, Johan Michael. 1600-25. Maker of a square watch, silver-gilt, catgut spring,

Kilminster, Henry. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1677.

Kinable,  Lyre-shape clock in case of ormolu with Sevres mounts.

King, Henry. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1720.

King, Jonathan. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1689.

King, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1715.

King, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1729.

King, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1669.

King, Thomas William. London. Clockmakers’ Company.    1802-25.

King, Thomas. Alnwick. 1773.

King, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1720.

Kingsmill, George. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1667.

Kinning, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1701.

Kipling, W. London. About 1730 Maker of a pair-case gold watch, outer case

repousse. In the Robert Hoe collection, New York.

Kirby, Robert. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1722.

Kirk, John. London. Clock-makers’  Company.     1677.

Kirkup, Matthew. Nun’s Gate,   Newcastle.     1811.

Kissor, Samuel. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1712.

Kitchen & Lloyd. Oak grandfather clock with brass dial, eighteenth century style.

Klein, Johann H. Copenhagen.    1710.

Kleinschmidt, J. M. Lands-berg.    1725.

Knibb, John. “att Oxon.” 1680.

Knibb, Joseph. London.  1670-1710. Admitted to Clock-makers’ Company 1670; made a clock for Windsor Castle.

Kribb,  Peter   London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1677.

Knibb, Samuel. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1663.

Knight, Charles. London. Clockmakers’  Company. 1685-95

Knight, Henry. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1723.

Knight, Michael. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1677. Apprenticed  to Tompion.

Knight, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1682.

Knottesforde, William. London. 1663-1693. Apprenticed to   Henry   Child.     Freeman 1663. Clockmakers’ Company1664. Master 1693.

Koch, P.    Haarlem.    1750. Kornman,  J.   G.     Friedberg.1722.

Koster,   Dirck.     Amsterdam.1680.

Kreitzer, Conrat. 1610. Maker of pear-shaped  watch.

Kress, J. G.    Augsburg. 1791.

Kroese,  J.  P.   Amsterdam. I775