Clock Makers: G

G. English & European Clock Makers


Gabrier, Charles. London. 1700. On a rich enamelled watch in Bernal collection. May be intended for Cabrier.

Gagnebin, D. Chaux-de-Fonds. 1760 or later.

Gambell, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1656.

Gamrod,  G.    Paris.    1640.

Ganthony, Richard. London. 1794-1829. Warden 1825, 26, 27.    Master 1828, 29.

Ganthony, Richard Pinfold. London. 1821-44. Warden 1838, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43. Master 1844.    Died in office.

Gany, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1699.

Garden, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1712.

Garden, Philip. London. 1760.

Gardener, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1682.

Gardiner, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1687. Croydon.

Gardner, Obadiah. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1711.

Gardner, Patrick. Perth. 1813.

Gardner,   Thomas.    London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1687.

Gardner, Timothy. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1744.

Garfoot, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1680.

Garland, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1766-98. Barbican.

Garle, Thomas. London. 1766-76. Warden 1768. Master 1769. Put on livery 1766. Bennett’s Hill.

Garnard, R. London. 1830.

Garon, Peter. London. Clock-makers’ Company.  1680-94.

Garret, Ferdinando. London. 1560.

Garrett, Charles. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1690.

Garrett, Charles. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1720.

Gascoyne, Samuel. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1676.

Gasslin, J.   Paris.   1750.

Gatward,  Hitchin, England.    1790.

Gauderon,  Paris.    1700. Maker of copper gilt case watch

Gaunt, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1824-40. Bridgewater Gardens.

Gaus,   Nuremberg.   1600.

Gavelle, James. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1683-1700.   An alien.

Gaze,  Peter.    London.     1840-92.    Liverpool Road.

Gebert, Henry.  Strasbourg. 1660.  A fleur-de-lys shaped watch, with  crystal  front,

Gebhart, Henry.    Strasbourg.1760.

Geissler, F. Augsburg. 1748.

Geist, T. N. Augsburg. 1793.

Gegenreiner,    F. .Augsburg.1725

Gells,  Thomas.   London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1720.

George,  Richard.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1697-1712. Beadle of Clockmakers’ Company.

Gernon,  Bernard.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1659. Apprenticed  to Solomon

Wagson of Bristol.

Germuller,  J.   C.  Augsburg. 1795-

Gerrard, John. London.  1735.

Gib, B.   Rotterdam.   1720.

Gib,  William.     Rotterdam. 1730.

Gibbons, Benjamin.   London. 1750-69.     Left  £110  to   the Company.

Gibbons,  John.  London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1811.King  Street,   Clerkenwell.

Gibbons,  Henry.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1826. Carnaby Street, St. James.

Gibbons, Henry, 2.    London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1838. Potter’s Fields, Southwark.

Gibbons, Richard.    London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1730.

Gibbs, Thomas. London. 1681-1711. Warden  1708, 09,  10.Master 1711.

Gibbs,   Richard.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1819.Fish Street Hill.

Gibbs,   Walter.   London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1648.

Gibbs, William.  London, Clockmakers’ Company. 1707-20.

Gibson,    Edward.  London. 1787-1802. Bishopsgate Street without. Warden 1799,1800,01.  Master 1802.

Gibson,  James.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1670.A great clockmaker.

Gibson, John. London. Clockmakers’   Company.   Royal Exchange, 1800-08.

Gide   a   Paris. 1760. This name is on a watch with case of  Dresden  china.

Gideon, Robert.           London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1691.

Gifford,    Thomas.      London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1693.

Gilbert,    Charles.      London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1700.

Gilbert,    Faustin.       London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1661.

Gilbert,     William.     London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1695.

Gilchrist, Archibald. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1729.

Gilchrist, Stirling. London. 1755

Gilkes, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1686.

Gill, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company.    1707.

Gillander, J.   London.    1750.

Gillelaine a Pa/is. 1770. Maker of a clock in drum-shaped case, with ormolu mounts, at Christie’s, £388 10s. (1911)

Gilles, l’aine, a Paris. 1740. Hanging clock in rosewood case, inlaid and with gilt mountings. In the Robert Hoe collection, New York, 1911.

Gillespy, C.  Dublin. 1750.

Gillier, C.  Berne. 1650.

Gillpine, Edmund. London. 1630. Was still at work in 1671.

Gills, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1720.

Gougner, Anthony. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1687. Frenchman.

Ginn, George W. Rotterdam. 1750.

Ginn, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1699.

Girard, Marc.   Paris.    1610.

Girard,     Theodore.   Blois.1620-80.

Girod, James. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1693. A Frenchman   settled   in   London.

Giroud Fils. Vevay.1675.

Giugner, Anthony.   London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1687.

Gladstone, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1703.

Glazier, William.       London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1666.

Gleave,   Matthew.  1700.  A watch made by him in Guildhall Museum.

Glenny,  Joseph.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1810.Red  Lion  Street, Clerkenwell.

Glossop, London.    1750.

Glover,  Boyer.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1740.Warden   1765, 66.

Glover, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company.    1700.

Glover,  Richard.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1703.

Glover,  Samuel.   London .Clockmakers’ Company. 1694.

Glover,  Stephen.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1796.Great   Russell   Street, Covent Garden.

Gluck, Adam. Augsburg. 1650. Maker of tulip-shaped watch.

Gluck, George.    Berlin.  1610.

Glynn, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1705.

Goberry, M.    London.    1755.

Gobert, Peter. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1687. A Frenchman settled in London.

Godbud, William. London. 1656. One of the Freemen who petitioned against allowing foreigners to work at the trade
in the city.

Goddard, Benjamin. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1701.

Goddard, Benjamin, 2. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1727.

Goddard, John. London. 1618.

Goddard, Nicholas. Newark. 1710-20.

Godfrey, Henry. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1685.

Godney, J.    London.    1825.

Godon a Paris. 1780. Maker of fine clocks in porcelain and ormolu cases.

Gold, Christopher. London. 1713. Beadle of Clockmakers’ Company.

Gold, John. London. 1806-20.    Fleet Street.

Goldsmith, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1681.

Goldsmith, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1720.

Goldsmith, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1719.

Golling, A.   Augsburg.    1712.

Golling, A. B. Augsburg. 1770-80.

Golling, C. J. Augsburg. 1787.

Golling, J. M. Augsburg. 1745. Golling,   Johann.    Augsburg.1748.

Gom,  David.    Lyons.    1650.

Gont, William. London. 1790.

Good, John.   London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1678-1711.

Goodchild,    John. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1726.

Goode, Charles.   London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1686.

Goodhugh, William.   London.1825.

Goodlad, Richard.  London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1689.

Goodman, George.  London.1771.

Goodwin,  James.    London.1810-40.

Goodwin,   Thomas.  London.1662.   Clerk  of  company 1704.

Goodyear,   John.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1722.

Goodyear,   Joseph.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1732.

Gordon, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.   1695-1712.

Gordon, Thomas. Edinburgh.1703-43.  A  master  of  the craft. Clocks with his name  are  occasionally    found  in America.

Gordon,  Alexander.    Dublin.1780.

Gordon,    Hugh.      Aberdeen.1750.    Maker of a pair-case

Gold watch, outer case repousse

Gordon, Robert. Edinburgh. 1703-30.

Gordon, Thomas. London. About 1760. Maker of a gold watch with elaborate outer case by Thomas Hening.

Gorsuch, Thomas. 1790. Long case clock, brass dial.

Goss, Jeremiah. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1667.

Goubert, James. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1690.

Gough, William. London. 1760.

Goujon, Stephen. London. Warden 1757, 58, 59. Master 1760.

Goujohn, Samuel. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1802. Newgate Street.

Gould, Abel. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1683.

Gould, Chester. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1780-1800. Red Lion Street Clerkenwell.

Gould, Christopher. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1682.

Goullons a Paris. 1650. Maker of fine enamel watches, one of which was painted with Holy Family, brought at Christie’s £190, in February, 1907.

Gout, Ralph. London. 1790-1800.

Gowland, James. London. 1835-80.

Graham, George. London. Born 1673, died 1751. Warden 1719, 20, 21. Master 1722. One of the greatest of English clockmakers, and a maker of mathematical instruments. He invented the dead beat escapement, in 1724 improved the horizontal escapement of Tompion,  his master, and made the first Planetarium used in England. Elected F.R.S. 1720, he com-municated several of his discoveries to the Society. He married Thomas Tompion’s niece, and succeeded to the business in Fleet Street. He left by will £20 to the poor of the Clockmakers’ Company. The Clockmakers’ Company have a long-case eight-day clock and a watch by him in their Museum.

“Saturday evening, died suddenly, at his house in Fleet Street, Mr. George Graham, not less known in the learned world, than in the branch of Business to which for many Years he had so successfully applied himself, as by his uncommon Ingenuity to have acquired the Reputation of being the best Watchmaker in Europe. He was many Years Fellow and one of the Council of the Royal Society. His Apparatus, made for measuring a Degree of the Meridian in the Polar Circle, is greatly esteemed among the Literati; as are also his many curious Instruments for Astronomical Observations. He lived beloved and died universally lamented.”—Daily Advertiser (London), Nov. 18, 1751.

Grandjean, David H.    Locle, Switzerland.   Born 1774, died

Granger, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1695.

Grant, John, the elder. 1781-1810. Clockmakers’ Company. Made an Honorary Freeman 1781, put on livery 1789, Assistant 1809, Junior Warden 1810, and died in office.

Grant, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1817. Warden 1833, 34, 35, 36, 37.  Master 1838, 39, 46, 58, 67.

Grant, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1660.

Grantham, J. London. 1750-80. Maker of a pair-case gold watch, outer case repousse and engraved in high relief.

Grape, John.   London.   1720.

Graupner, J. P. Augsburg. 1675-1725.

Graupner, P. G. Augsburg. 1727.

Gravell & Tolkein. London. 1790-1820.

Gravell, William. London. 1820-50. Clockmakers’ Company. Warden 1834, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39.    Master 1840, 41.

Graves, Benjamin. London. 1676-1731. Warden 1702, 03, 04.    Master 1705.

Gray, Adam. London. 1781. 5 Berkeley Street, Clerken-well.

Gray, Benjamin. London. 1720-54. Clockmaker to George II.

Gray, James. Edinburgh. 1772-1822. “Clockmaker to His Majesty.”

Gray, James, 2. Edinburgh. 1806-36. Succeeded to his father’s business, also “his majesty’s clock maker & repairer of his clocks & watches in Scotland.”

Gray, John. London. 1769. Apprenticed to Thomas Hardy.

Gray, Joseph. “Shaston.” Early eighteenth century. A movement by him in Clock-makers’ Museum.

Gray, Timothy. London. 1633. A celebrated clockmaker of his time.

Gray, Benjamin & Vulliamy, Justin.    London.    1737-57-

Gray & Constable. London. 1775

“Graye, Mr.” London. 1630. Clockmaker, also a subscriber to the charter fund of Clockmakers’   Company.

Grayhurst, Harvey & Co. London. 1810-30. Maker of gold watch enamelled and set with pearls.

Grayhurst, Peter. London. 1805.    Charing Cross.

Greatorex, Henry. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1711.

Greatrex, Ralph. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1653.

Grebaunal, Robert, a Rouen. 1630.

Grebay, Phillipe, a Londres. 1610.

Grebay, Phillipe.   Paris. 1670.

Green, James. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1664.

Green, James. London. Clock-makers’  Company.    1685.

Green, James. London. 1755-94. Clockmakers’ Company. Warden 1781, 82, 83. Master 1784.    Philpot Lane.

Green, Joseph. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1723.

Green,  Margaret.      London. I765-74-

Green, Robert. London.  1835.

Green,   Samuel.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1796.Bunhill Row.

Green, William. London.  Clockmakers’ Company. 1802.Stockwell.

Green, William.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1824. Fish Street.

Green & Ward. London. 1793.

Greenaway, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1718.

Greene, James. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1685.

Greene, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1711.

Greenwood, G.   London. 1817.

Gregg, Francis. London. 1697.

Apprenticed to Thomas Morgan to serve John Clowes, 1691.

Gregory, James. “Ormskirk.” 1740.

Gregory, Jeremy. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1652-85. Very active member of the company. Warden 1660, 61, 63, 64. Master 1665, 76. Gave a silver dish to the company 1653. Admitted to Clockmakers’ Company 1652, died 1685.

Gregory, Jeremiah. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1694.

Gregory, Robert. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1678.

Gregory, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1671.

Gregson, John. London. 1794-1800. “Watchmaker to Prince of Wales.” Maker of Queen Charlotte’s watch in Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Gregson, Pierre, a Paris. 1780. Horloger du Roy. Louis XVI.

Gretton, Charles.  London.1672. Warden 1697, 98, 99. Master 1700. He gave in 1701 £50 to pay fifty shillings a year to apprentice the sons of deceaesed Freemen of the Company to the clock and watchmaking trade.

Gretton, William. London. 1665.

Gribelin  Blois. 1600-14. Maker of a watch with perpetual dial.

Grice, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1675.

Griffin, John. London. Clock-makers’  Company.    1720.

Griffin & Adams. London. 1800-20.

Griffith, George. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1720.

Griffith, James. London. 1667. An instrument maker admitted to the Clockmakers’ Company.

Griffith, Robert. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1706.

Griffiths, Ludlow, England.   1800.

Griffiths, Edward. London. 1810.  Admitted to the livery.

Griffis, P.  Birmingham. 1760.

Grignion, Thomas. London. 1740-84.    Covent Garden.

Grignion, Thomas, 2. London. 1797-1825.

Grignion & Son. London. 1775. Also in the Covent Garden shop.

Grimes, Thomas. London. 1671.   A famous clockmaker.

Grimes, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1682.

Grimley, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1694.

Grinkin, Edmond. London. 1656.

Grinkin, Robert. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1632-60. An influential member of the company. Junior Warden 1640. Renter Warden 1641, 42, 43. Senior Warden 1645.    Master 1648,49-54

Grizell, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1687.

Groelier, Nicholas. Lyon. 1689. Inventor of lamp and other “mysterious” clocks.

Grose, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1632.

Grosser, Johann. Furth, Germany.   1768.

Grout, Ralph. London. 1780. Maker of a watch for Turkish market, with dial

showing Turkish numerals.

Grove, George. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1715.

Grove, George. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1812. Wood Street, Cheapside.

Grove, Richard. London. 1787. Clockmakers’ Company. Put on the livery.

Grove, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1715.

Grove, W. R. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1811-15.

Gruber, Hans. Nuremberg. 1510-60.

Gruber, Michel. Nuremberg. 1607.

Grundler, J. N. Augsburg. I7S7-9O.

Guest, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1802. Fleet Market.

Guise, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1815. Nightingale Lane, East Smithfield.

Gusterman, Joseph. Vienna. 1650.

Gutch, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.   1673.

Gutheridge, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1728.

Guy, Charles. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    I7!4-

Guy, Henry. London. Clock-makers’   Company.     1702.

Guy, James. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1796-1830. Brasier’s Buildings, Fleet Market.

Gwillim, Eli. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1648.