Clock Makers: E

E.  English & European Clock Makers


Eagle, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1690.

Earle, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1720.

Earnshaw, Thomas. London. Born 1740, Died 1829 He lived in High Holboin, and made many improvements in chronometers. In 1781 he used the improved spring detent. In 1802 he made still greater improvement in chronometers by using a single balance instead of two combined. He was one of the unsuccessful competitors for the Board of Longitude reward, but received £3000 for his labours. Was born at Ashton-under-Lyne.

East, Edward. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1630. Charter member. One of the ten

original assistants appointed by  the  Articles  of incorporation in 1630. A noted

watchmaker, he lived in Pall Mall, near the Tennis Court. He was Warden in 1639,

Master in 1645 and 1652. He was appointed Treasurer in 1687, and was the only

occupant of that office. He is mentioned as King’s Watchmaker in ‘”Memoirs of the

two last Years of the Reign of that unparalleled Prince, of ever blessed memory, King

Charlese I.

East, Edward, 2. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1696. Apprenticed to D. Lyon and later

to S. Clyatt.

East, Edward, 3. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1709. Apprenticed to Thomas East.

East, Jeremy. London. 1641. Signed a petition to the Lord Mayor about the grievances of

the apprentices,  1656.

East, Jordan. London. Clock-makers’     Company.        1724.

East, Peter. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1692.

East, Thomas. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1677.

Eayre, Thomas. Kettering. 1740-80. He also invented a sort of carriage speedometer.

Ebsworth, Christopher. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1670.

Ebsworth, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1665.Warden 1694, 95, 96. Master 1697 Lived in “New Cheap Side,” and made many excellent clocks.

Eden, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1726.

Edlin, George. London. Took up Livery 1810.

Edlin, John. London. Clock-makers’  Company.     1087.

Edmunds,  J.    London.    1730.

Edmunds, J.    London.    1823.

Edsolf, H. A. Friedburg. 1732.

Edwards, Isaac. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1719.

Edwards, J. Stourbridge. 1851.

Edwards, J. T. Dudley. 1851. Maker of clocks requiring one winding in 426 days.

Edwards, S. Ashley. About 1800.

Effington, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1702.

Egleton, Christopher. London. 1695-1730. Was apprenticed to Charles Hal-stead.

Freeman 1695.

Eisen, H.    Nuremberg.  1503.

Eldridge, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1677.

Eley, James. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1780-90. Fenchurch Street.

Elfis, Benjamin. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1674.

Elkins, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1709

Ellet, William.   London. 1771. Ellicott,

Edward.      London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1796. Royal Exchange.

Ellicott, John.   London. 1696-1733. Warden 1731, 32. Died1733

Ellicott, John, 2. London. Born 1706. Son of John Ellicott, was clockmaker to George

III. member of the Royal Society in 1738. In 1752 invented a compensated pendulum.

He died 1772. The Clockmakers’ Company had an eight-day bracket clock by him

and two watches. Maker of a gold repeating watch in Tzar’s collection, with date letter on.

Maker of a fine pair-case gold watch, with outer case showing Venus and Neptune in high relief.

Ellicott, John, & Son. London.    1770-81.

Ellicott & Taylor. London. 1810-30.

Elliott, Henry. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1688.

Ellis  &  Son.    Exeter.    1851.

Ellis, James. London. Clock-makers’  Company.    1667.

Ellis, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1726.

Ellis, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1822. Bread Street.

Ellis, Paul. London. Clock-makers’ Company.   1682.

Ellis, Thomas. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1682.

Ellwood, John. London. 1702-25. Maker of long-case clocks.

Ellwood, Martin. London. 1700. Admitted to Clock-makers’ Company 1687.

Elmes, William. London. 1667. Made straight and jointed rules which were seized by

the company, 1671.

Elson,   David. London.Clockmakers’ Company. 1646.

Elton, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.   1675.

Elwood, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1702.

Emery, Josiah. London. 1781-93. Had a shop at Charing Cross, was a distinguished

clock and watch maker. Made an honorary freeman of Clockmakers’ Company 1781.

Emmett, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1820. Great Sutton Street.

Enderlin,   Basle.   1719-72. Maker of equation clocks.

Engall, Abraham. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1648.

Engelbrecht, Lorentz. Vienna. 1700.

Engelschalk, F.    Wurzburg.1734-

Engelschalk,   I.   Wurzburg.1794.

Engin,   F.     London.  1755

Ennis, Edward. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1658.

Enys, Edward. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1684.

Erbery, Henry. London. 1656.

Erhardt, John Christopher. 1720. Maker of a round silver watch showing hours and days of month on movable plates, minutes engraved in large numerals.

Eric, William. London. Clock-makers’ Company.   1730.

Ericke, Robert. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1719.

Ernst, I.   Augsburg.    1775.

Ernst, J. I.   Augsburg.   1756.

Ernst, L.   Augsburg.   1770.

Eston, Edward. London. Clockmakers’  Company. 1708.

Esquivillon Freres et De Choudens. Paris. 1780. Maker of choice enamelled

watches, handsome one in copper gilt case in Proctor collection.

Ester, J. H. France. 1635. Oval pear-shaped crystal watch.

Etchinger, Hans Conrat. Amsterdam. 1640.

Etherington, George. London. 1684 -1730. Warden 1706, 07, 08. Master 1709

Maker of tall clocks

Etty, Marmaduke. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1716.

Evans, Henry. London.  Clock-makers’ Company.   1082

Evans, James. London. 1780. Fine long-case clock at Rhode Island School of De

sign. The dial is marked “Diego Evans, Bolsa Real, Londres.” It seems probable

that the case was made in Spain.

Evans, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1673.

Evans, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1718.

Evans, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1720.

Evans, Thomas S. London. Made Honorary Freeman 1S13, in view of his

“exertions towards the improvement of the Art of Chronometry.”

Evill, James. Bath. 1750. Maker of a clock in Philadelphia Historical Society.

Evill, William. Bath. 1750. Joined with his brother in partnership.

Exelby, James. London. Clockrnakers’ Company. 1718.

Eyba, J.   Leiterschofen. 1770.

Eyre, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.   1703.

Eyston, Edward. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1659.