Clock Makers: D

D. English & European Clock Makers 

Dainy, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1720.

Daleizette, Panrier. Ferney, France.    1770.

Dalgleish, John. Edinburgh. 1742-70. Founder of a great business.

Dalton, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1788-1828. Red-lion Street. Clerkenwell.

Daniel, Robert. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1708.

Daniel, Stephen. London. Clockmakers’Company 1698.

Daniel, Thomas. Kirklum, England.    1775.

Daniell, Edward. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1648.

Daniell, Isaac. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1648-75.   Warden 1674.

Daniell, Thomas. London. 1656.

Daniell, William. London. 1632.

Dargent, James. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1700.

Darling, Robert. London. Admitted to Livery 1766. Elected master same year, but was excused from serving by paying £10.

Darvil, George. London. 1766.

Dauthieu, —-   Paris.   1735-50. “Clockmaker to the King.”

Davidson, C.   London.    1725.

Davis, Benjamin. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1678.

Davis, George. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1720.

Davis, Jeffry. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1690.

Davis, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.   1653.

Davis, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1697.

Davis, Samuel. Lothbury. 1648-60. His work was not up to standard, so some clocks were destroyed and he was fined 40s.

Davis, Samuel. London. 1674. Beadle of Clockmakers’ Company. Discharged for neglect of duty 1680.

Davis, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1674.

Davis, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1725.

Davis,     Tobias. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1653.

Davis, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1699.

Davis, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1812. Newgate Street.

Davis   &   Bennett.     London.1790.

Davison, William.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1686.

Davy, Samuel.     London. 1790.

Dawkes,     John.   London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1707.

Dawson,     John.   London .Clockmakers’ Company. 1689.

Dawson,     Robert.  London .Clockmakers’ Company. 1678.

Dawson,    Thomas.  London.1630. In  1639  he  was  one of   the   stewards   for   that year.

Dawson, Thomas.    London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1732.

Dawson, William.   London .Clockmakers’ Company. 1802-28.    Gutter Lane. Day,     Edmund. London .Clockmakers’ Company. 1692. Day, Isaac.    London.    Clock-makers’ Company.    1678. Day,  Samuel.    London.  1790. Day,  Thomas. London .Clockmakers’ Company. 1691.Warden.

Deakin,    London.    1750.

Death,     London.    1750.

Deane,    George.    London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1671.

De Baghyn, A.    Amsterdam.I75O.

Debaufre,    Jacob.      London.1704.  Joined with his brother in trying to obtain patent. Debaufre,    James.     London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1712.

Debaufre, Peter. London. 1689-1704. Applied for a patent for using jewels in watches. In the

London Gazette for May 11, 1704. (See Kendal, “History of Watches,” page  118.)

De Charmes, David. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1692.

De Charmes, Simon. London. Clockmakers’Company. 1691-1710. A Frenchman settled in London.

Decka, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1757-90.

Dee, William. London. Clock-makers’ Company.   1729.

De Fealins, Jehan. Rouen. 1389.

De    Jersey,  London.1810.

De Kniper, Marinus. Herlin-gen, Holland.    1740.

Delafosse, Samuel. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1692. A Frenchman settled in London.

Delafueille, E.   Paris. 1610.

Delander, Daniel. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1699. Maker of fine watches.

Delander, James. London. 1668.   A great clockmaker.

Delander, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1705.

Delander, Nathaniel. London. 1668 82. One of the celebrated clockmakers of his century. In 1682 he was called before the company to answer charge of making a watch-case “not of the fineness appointed for Goldsmiths’ work.”

Delander, Nathaniel. London. 1721. Warden 1745, 46. Master 1747.

De Landre, Roger. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1641.

Delandre, James. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1668.

De La Porte,  Delft.1750.

Delassalle, James Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company.    1826.    Cannon Street.

Delaunce, James. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1677.

Delaundre, Peter. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1640.

Delaversperre, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1650.

De Leibnitz, G. W.   Leipzig.

De Lisle et Frere. Moricaud, France.    1750.

Delle, J. N.    Augsburg.  1732.

Delmar, Edward. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1827-33. London Street, Fenchurch Street.

De Lorme,  Paris. 1740. Maker of Lord Nelson’s watch, given by him to Captain Rose of the Victory. Exhibited in America at Columbian  Exposition.

Denham, John F. London. 1842.

Dennis, Francis. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1673.

Dennis, Peter. London. Clock-makers’  Company.    1712.

Dent, E. J. London. Born 1790, died 1853. Maker of the Westminster clock.

Dent, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1831. Strand.

Dent, Robert. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1681.

Dent, William. London. 1674. One of the great makers of his time.

De Pulter,—.  Amsterdam 1723.

Derabours, Geneva. Seventeenth century. Maker of fine gold watch with figure in blue

enamel on white placques.

Derdier, Paris. Eighteenth century. Maker of ormolu clocks.

Derham, William. Windsor. Born 1657, died 1735. Born near Worcester, became Canon of

Windsor, wrote “The Artificial Clockmaker, or a Treatise of Watch and Clockwork.”

Dermere, Abraham. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1703.

Dervitt,  London.   1750.

Desarts et Cie.   Geneva. 1775.

Desbois, Jacob. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1730.

Desbois & Wheeler. London. 1790-1810

Desborough,     Christopher.London. Clockmakers’ Company.    1666.

Desbrow, Robert. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1704.

De Serviere, N. G. Lyons. 1650.

De St. Leu, Daniel. London. 1770-90. “Watchmaker to her Majesty.”

Dettacher, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1660.

Deuchesne, P.   Paris.    1740.

De Vick, Henry.   Paris. 1364.

Devis, John. London. 1760-81. Made a freeman of Clockmakers’ Company 1781.

Dexter, M.   London.    1780.

Dickens,     John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1688.

Dickenson, Liverpool. 1700.

Dickinson, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1796. Doctors’  Commons.

Dicker, Thomas. Reading. 1797. Maker of an “Act of Parliament”  clock.

Dickie, A.    Stirling.    1755-80.

Diebold, J.    Augsburg.    1741.

Dienster, —.      Amsterdam. 1700.

Dieu, R.   Paris.   1575.

Dike, Nathaniel. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1663.

Dingley, Robert. London. 1668-90. Maker  of a very splendid watch having portraits of Earl of Rochester and Charles II.    It was formerly in the Bernal collection.

Dingley, Robert. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1738.

Dinis, Francis. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1666. He was an engraver.

Dixon, James. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1791. Maid Lane, Southwark.

Dixon, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1840.

Dobb, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1646.

Dobson, Alexander. London. 1760.

Dobson, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1786. Rosoman’s Street, Clerken-well.

Dobson, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1670. A great clockmaker.

Dodds, Joseph. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1796-1820.    Aldersgate Street.

Dodds, Joseph. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 183a Retreat Place, Hackney.

Dodsworth, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1648.

Dolley, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1804. Red Cross Street.

Dolley, Thomas. London. 1796-1808. Warden 1805, 06, 07. Master 1808. Primrose Hill.

Dorill,   Francis.   London, Clockmakers’ Company. 1702. Long-case clocks.

Dorrell, Francis. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1755.

Dorrell, William. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1787. Bridgewater Square.

Dossett, Gregory. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1662.

Doughty, Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1696.

Dove, Arthur. London. Was apprenticed to William Clay and admitted to Clock-makers’ Company 1659.

Dove, Henry. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1667.

Dove, Robert. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1671.

Downes, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1725.

Downes, Robert. Clerkenwell. 1790. Mahogany tall clock with silvered face.

Downie, William. Edinburgh.1795-

Downing, Humphrey. London.   1672.

Dowsett, Jeremiah. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1708.

Dowson, John. London. 1780. “Gray’s Inn, London.”

Drake, John. London. 1639-50. Was fined £10 for not binding his apprentice to

Freeman of the Clockmakers’ Company.

Draper, James. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1712.

Draper, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1703.

Draper, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1796. Albemarle  Street,  Clerkenwell.

Draycott, Francis. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1678.

Drew, Edward. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1692.

Drew, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1684.

Drew, John. London. 1712. Beadle of Clockmakers’ Company.

Driaen, A.    Rotterdam.  1625.

Droeshout, John. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1632.

Drossati, Samuel. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1675.

Drummond, John. Edinburgh.1794-

Drury, Henry L. London. 1777-1800.

Drury, James. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1694-1740. Warden 1725, 26, 27.

Master 1728.

Drury, James. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 178O. Red Lion  Street, Clerkenwell.

Drury, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1720.

Drysdale, William and Walter. Edinburgh. 1786-1825. A capable firm of both

longcase and bracket clocks.

Dubie,   Paris.    1635.

Du Bois et Fils. Hanover. I7SO.

Dubois et Fils.    Paris.    1780

Dubuc,  Paris.      1805. Maker of small mantel clocks, gilt. Sent to America those with figures of Washington and Franklin.

Ducastel, Isaac. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1703.

Duchene, Luigui, et Fils. Switzerland. 1790. Maker of gold watch in form of a lyre.

Duchesne, Claude. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1693-1720.  From Paris.

Ducimin, J. Amsterdam. 1625.

Ducomun, Charles. “Dit Boudrile.”    1780.

Ducommun, F. Chaux-de-Fonds.    1794-1846.

Dudds, Joseph. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1750-70. Coleman Street. Maker of

watch in crystal and cut steel in Tzar’s collection.

Dudson, Simon. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1653.

Duduict, Jacques.   Blois. 1630.

Duet, Pierre.    Paris.    1750.

Dufalga. Paris. 1780. Watch by him in collection of Robert Hoe. Richly enamelled and

incrusted with diamond sparks.

Dufour, Pierre. Paris. 1610. Maker of a small round silver-gilt watch with outer case of

black shagreen, in Bernal  collection.

Dufour,   Paris.  1730. Watch by him in Tzar’s collection.

Duhamel, Isaac. London. 1785. A famous maker of bracket clocks. There is a clock

in Buckingham Palace made by Duhamel in a rosewood and kingwood case 9 ft. 10 in.

high, Louis XV. style.

Duhamel, Pierre. Blois. 1680 Maker of a watch enamelled in blue, with border of

coloured flowers, Bernal collection.

Duke, Joseph. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1682. Apprentice to Markwick.

Duke, Joseph. London. Clock-makers’ Company.    1728.

Duke, George.   London. 1835.

Dulin, William Thomas. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1818-30.    Cornhill.

Dumslin,—-Calais.  1750.

Dunball, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1812. Skinner’s Street, Somer’s Town.

Duncombe, Richard. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1786. No. 289 Strand.

Duncombe, Richard, Jr. London. Warden 1795, 96, 97. Master 1798.

Dunkerley, Samuel. London. 1770.

Dunlop, Andrew. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1701.

Dunlop, Anne.   London. 1760. Excelled at watch making.

Dunlop,   Conyers.  London. Warden 1755, 56, 57. Master1758.  Admitted  to  livery 1766 Left £50 for piece of plate  1779, but company did not receive legacy.

Dunn,  Anthony.       London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1719. Dunn,   Henry. London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1677.

Du Pin, Paul. London. 1739.

Duplock, Charles.     Borough. 1812.

Duplock & Wiggins. London.1815-30.

Dupont    a    Castres.       1640. Maker  of  a  watch  in  Bernal collection.

Durand, Paris.   1750. Maker of fine clocks in ormolu.

Durant, Oswald.      London. 1630-55.  He left the  “Imbroiderers     Company” and was

“translated” to  the Clockmakers’    Company in  1636.

Durdent, Andrew.   London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1662

Durnbill,- London. 1650.

Dutton, Matthew. London. 1786-1802.  Warden 1797, 98,99.Master 1800.

Dutton,    Matthew.    London.1820-40.

Dutton,    Thomas.  London. Clockmakers’ Company. 1796. Fleet Street.

Dutton, William. London. Apprenticed to George Graham. 1746-90. Became a partner of Thomas Mudge in 1750. Took up livery 1766.

Duval, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company. 1677.

Dwerrihouse, John. London. I775-9O. Took up livery 1781.

Dyson, John. London. Clock-makers’ Company.   1694.