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"Attention All Clock Makers Who Want To Build a Grandfather Clock To Be Proud Of "...

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"With This Easy Step By Step Manual And Clock Plan...
You Can Now Build, With Basic Woodworking Skills And Tools The Beautiful Traditional Grandfather Clock Case you always wanted"...

"A Grandfather Clock That Will Bring You The Reputation of a Professional Clock Maker, A Clock So Admired, The Desire To Own One Will Be Overwhelming By All Who See It"...

"A True Family Heirloom That Will Be Treasured For Years"...

“Whether you are building a Longcase Clock to stand majestically in your own home or using your tools and skills to generate extra income, you can easily…  

  Make a Beautiful Clock Case for a New or Antique Movement and Dial...  

 ● Make a Magnificent Grandfather Clock with the least amount of effort...

Achieve outstanding professional results with the simplest techniques…

 Acquire the skills and techniques of the old craftsmen that people are so willing to  
   pay large sums of money for…

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From: The bench of Barry Share
Re: Clock Making

Dear Clock Maker

If you are looking for a Grandfather Clock Case Plan to build and house an antique or new movement and dial
but everything you have seen is in the modern style, you know, glass trunk door to display the brass chains and brass weight casings, designed to be made with modern materials like MDF or plywood and constructed in a manner you know was not conventional, look no further.

If so you are exactly in the same place I was...

Don't get me wrong, modern style Longcase clocks look fine, with their fixed hoods and glass trunk doors but it was not what I was looking for...

I wanted to build a Grandfather clock that looked like a traditional Grandfather clock...
   ● One I  had always wanted, but could never afford...
   ● One that would stand in my home, (pride of place, and that everyone who saw it would admire,
        and I would also have the satisfaction of knowing I had made it.)

I bought the plans, but I’m sure most of them were just drawn on some computer drawing program and had never been made up in real time, as most did not come together, and needed to be constructed from veneered plywood and modern mouldings you buy from the local hardware store.

These were not what I was looking for. And if you are like me and you want to avoid wasting any more time or money on clock plans that don’t seem to come together properly, or buying clock kits that don’t come up to your expectations, if your looking to make a Grandfather clock case that will house a new or old movement and dial, that has the looks of a nineteenth century antique Longcase clock,
then this may be what you are looking for

Here at Riversdale Clocks we have documented one of the many clock cases we have  built by hand.
A traditional style mahogany swan-neck Longcase which you can see on the left hand side of the page.

We have put it together in a step-by-step guide you can easily follow and see exactly how we made it! We have called this manual simply...

             “Making A Case For A Longcase Clock”

So anybody working through... “Making A Case For A Longcase Clock will know everything they need to know from beginning to end on how to make a beautiful case for a new or old movement and dial.

In this easy to follow step by step guide we will show you exactly how you can make an antique reproduction mahogany case for an 8 day rack strike movement and dial incorporating...

  • Swan-neck hood with fluted hood columns and frets...
  • Fluted quarter columns to the trunk...
  • Canted corner base...
  • Cross banding and stringing to the trunk and base...
Even if your wood working skills are basic and only using the run of the mill toolbox.

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With the plan for this Longcase clock we will show you in a simple step-by-step way how we prepared, constructed and finished this case.

We have taken hundreds of photographs of this clock case whilst we were making it, and put them in over
38 screen capture videos
so you can view them on two downloadable viewers and we have also included a workshop manual printed in PDF format so you can print out anything you need to place on your work bench.

We have put a basic working drawing (front and side elevation) printed on A2 paper to put up on your workshop wall so you can keep an eye on the job as you are going along,

Also included is a sheet of the  moulding  profiles and templates and the hood fret pattern we used...
It will be quick and easy for you to cut them out and use them to actual size.

Everything you need to be able to easily follow the process all the way.

We will show you exactly how to buy and convert the timber for your clock, to eliminate the troublesome problem of timber stability.

You will get to know the simple way we put the case together to give that traditional look, the way case makers did it in the old days.

You will see the easiest way to apply the veneers to the trunk and base and a simple cost effective veneer press you can make yourself.

You will get to know the tools we used and how basic they are...

You will learn the simplest and fastest way to make mouldings without spindle moulding machines.

And the easiest and simplest way to make your clock case, into something special by adding hood frets.

So think about this. The satisfaction and pride you are going to feel when the fruits of your labour have come together and a magnificent Grandfather clock you can be proud of stands in all its majesty in pride of place in your home.

Think of how it will be admired by every one who sees it...

Think as time rolls on, the clock you have made will, as all Grandfather clocks do, become much loved and a part of the family for generations to come....

Or can you imagine the satisfaction of delivering and setting up a Longcase Clock, which houses an antique movement and dial, the one you have been commissioned to make, to very grateful and satisfied people, who are more than willing to pay you the large sums of money, only paid to craftsmen for bespoke Grandfather Clocks.

"Now isn’t that something to think about."

You my be wondering who I am and why I am able to show you how you can make a traditionally made clock case. Well let me introduce myself…

My name is Barry Share and my son Matthew and I run "Riversdale Clocks" working quietly away in East Yorkshire, which we have done since 1986...
Our business is in the repair and restoration of Longcase clocks and barometers, giving a special individual service to private owners and collectors.

From the early years we have always made cases and at one time in the early nineties we were making pine Longcase clocks for a furniture company that were de-stressing the cases and sending them to Holland to be sold as antique reproductions.

I soon realised this mass-produced low standard sort of work was not for me and not what  I wanted "Riversdale Clocks" to be associated with...

So we concentrated on making bespoke Longcase clocks. These were one off commissions, where we knew the customer and the customer knew us.
So the clock was made and built specifically for one person and one place.

Over time this became very lucrative but more importantly we found a niche in the market or should I say a niche found us

"People began to ask if we could make a case that would
house their old movement and dial."

These were the movements and dials that had over the years been separated for one reason or another from their cases...
The case had been lost in transit over the years or damaged beyond the point of repair as is with fire or water damage.

Some people had movements their fathers or grandfathers had worked on when they were alive and had now passed on and wanted it restoring and housing in a case as some form of remembrance.

So with the knowledge acquired through repairing and restoring many Longcase clocks and understanding the construction and  period styles, with some research on the movement and dial makers, we were capable of producing a case most like the original case the movement was housed in.

We Would Like To Make It Very Clear At This Point...the work we do is not done in anyway to be fraudulent, it is not meant to be passed off as an original and it is to all our customers, made very clear "it is what it is, a reproduction".
Saying that we have had people stating after seeing a case we have made...
“This is not a new case it is an old one you have re-polished.”   Which always makes me smile.
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Here's a case we made for a lovely couple that live up in the Yorkshire Dales...
It is a traditionally made oak case, with a swan-neck with reeded hood columns and cross-banding, incorporating inlays to the trunk door and base. It was made to house a 13 inch painted break arch dial with an eight day rack strike movement that belonged to the gentleman's father.

Matthew and I are not well-educated academics, we are down to earth practical men and our manual is not an outstanding technical literary piece of work. It’s very simple and easy to follow, although we are qualified cabinetmakers and have qualifications to advanced furniture standards we do have many years of experience in making clock cases for a living.

We have acquired and developed many techniques and methods and with these simple basic methods we will show you...
How to buy and convert your timber so you wont get your clock twisting and bowing when you
     have finished the job...
How to easily apply veneers to your case and the simplest way to make those traditional
     style mouldings
you can't buy off the shelf and much much more...
You will see through the screen capture videos how you can simply and exactly put this
     case together so you won't be wasting time making parts that don’t fit  or fit incorrectly...
You will know exactly were you are with the project by referring to the workshop schedule,
     it will keep you on track, saving time and making sure you finish the job...
You will also know what the profile and template sizes and shapes should be just by
     cutting them from the profile sheet...

By working through the step-by-step guide you will acquire confidence and gain the skills to make a beautiful case. You will also experience the satisfaction of working with beautiful solid timber and veneers and you will know what materials we used so you wont waste money and time trying different products.

Having worked through the schedule you will surely know instinctively when the jobs is done, that it will be treasured for years...

The clock we used in making this manual was made for John Stewart Jewellers of Swindon, here's what he had to say in a letter he sent to us.

Dear Barry

  With regard to the Longcase Clock construction that you
  completed for us in 2006. I was delighted with the result and
  the lady who commissioned the work has since written to us.

  I have enclosed a copy of her letter for your perusal as I think
  it reflects fairly on your craftsmanship.

  Once again many thanks.
  Yours truly.
  John Steward

Dear John,
I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for my grandfather clock.
I find it hard to believe that, from a very humble item – clock movement and the dial –the finished product is so utterly magnificent.

Although we spoke frequently and at great length about the design of the case I really had no conception of what it would look like fully prepared.

But suffice to say, that it surpasses all expectations. I know you were very fussy in selecting the person to make the case, and I now fully understand why.

It is most obvious that great care and individual attention went into the design and detail. Every time I study the casing, I see more and more little things which indicate the pride and attention which were devoted to it; the design of the door, the fretwork at the top, the face hinges, in fact, everything.

I am so very pleased that this work was not rushed, and I am thrilled that I now have a very personal item of furniture, which has some family historical links, one that has been so beautifully and tastefully resurrected back to life.

It is obvious that everyone involved in its restoration and rebuild has treated it with great sense of personal pride and achievement.
A truly magnificent beast!

All best wishes.

John Steward Jewellers
6 Market St


Here’s what one of the most respected men in the repair & restoration
  clock business has to say about this manual

      Barry & Matthew Share have for many years provided an extensive
      and comprehensive wooden case restoration service to Time & Motion.

      Their considerable knowledge acquired over many years has been an
      enormous asset in putting together this case-making manual.

      "In their brilliant 'Making A Case For A Longcase Clock,'
       Barry and Matt actually show you the simplicity of turning an 8 day
       movement and dial into a beautiful piece of furniture with only the
       basic tools and skills.

       In a warm and simplistic style, they lead you by the hand into the land
       of case making, then guide you step by step in the process of making
       a Longcase Clock from start to finish.

       I rate their manual as mandatory reading and recommend it to anybody
       wanting to make a traditional style case for a Longcase Clock.
       This manual reveals the entire method---from buying timber to finishing
       the case---and it will work for anyone who uses it.

       Some of the methods in this manual were a surprise, even to me.
       Get this one right now!"
       Peter Lancaster  FBHI
       Time & Motion

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Though "Making A Case For A Longcase Clock" Has Only Been Out For
 A Short Time, We've Already Had Great Comments Back...

Another satisfied Customer...

"I'm very thankful  for your "Making A Case For A Longcase Clock"

"Wow, am I getting some great results!"

 I've been making clocks for three years now. I've have been using plans bought
 from a well known clock material suppliers.

 They have been ok but after getting  your plan and manual it has taken
 my clock making to another level.

I'm on my second case now as you can see from the pictures I have sent  you. Using your methods this case was made to house an eight day rack strike movement with a brass dial that I bid on at our local antique auction. I'm so pleased with the results! and the easy simple way you show how to make a case that looks like an authentic grandfather clock.

 In fact I will have to be careful as my mother-in-law has her eye on this one.
 I think I am going to lose it!

 I've had so many compliments and praise from people that have seen my clocks, it's been unbelievable. But the best compliment so far has been from a lady that has asked me to make a clock for her husbands retirement in July as it's the one thing he has always wanted. It fills me with so much joy and pride to be asked.

 All this is down to the way you have shown me in your manual on how to make a
 clock case that looks like a traditional clock case.

  It works Barry and Matt just like you said it does 

"Thanks, guys, for giving me so much useful info."

James Stewart
Jedburgh - Scotland

                           Here's what you get when you buy...

     "Making A Case For A Longcase Clock"

You get our proven tips, tricks and know how on making a great case for an  8 day movement and dial.

A step-by-step workshop manual in downloadable printed format to print the parts you need to keep on your bench to keep you on track.
Plus everything you need to know, what materials and fittings you need, with full cutting list for this particular case...

38 screen capture videos made up from the hundreds of photographs we have taken while making the case so you can see exactly how we made it...

A workshop drawing so you can keep your eye on the big picture...

Printed sheet of the moulding profiles and the template patterns. You just cut these out and mark them on to the timber and you're ready to go...

You get a copy of the hood fret pattern we used, so you can transfer this to your veneers and cut out your hood fret with your band saw or fret saw...

You will get everything you need to know from buying the timber through to waxing the finished case...

You will be able to see how we assemble the case with its cross banding and stringing, how we use a simple method to make the mouldings and cut the frets...

See how you can make the template for the dial mask and how you transfer this to get the correct curvature for the hood door and the hood top.

See the simple jigs you can make to enable you to apply  fluting  to your hood columns  and trunk quarter columns.

See how you can make a very effective veneer press which will allow you to veneer your base panel and trunk door with the least  amount of  trouble and time.

It doesn’t mater if you don’t have the skills of an advanced furniture maker if you are only at the basic level of woodcraft and with a limited tool kit, you can do this.

If you just watch and follow what we do, you can make that traditional looking Longcase clock you have always wanted to make and will be loved and admired by friends and family alike.

Act Immediately And Receive These Awesome Bonuses...
I've got 2 really special bonuses for you as a "reward" for taking action right now!
                   Special Bonus #1 A free copy

       "List Of English And European Clockmakers"

This list has been formed from the Books of the Clockmakers' Company in London,      from the list arranged by Octavius Morgan, Esq., and published in the Archaeological Journal, from Catalogues of Sales in London and the United States, and from Catalogues of Collections in many parts of the world,
It has thousands of names of clock makers...
The dates in many cases refer to the time when the member was admitted to the Clockmakers' Company, when they worked, and when they died and in some, what they made.  


                  Special Bonus #2. A Free Copy of

          “The Horological Encyclopaedic Dictionary”


This handy little book is just a wealth of Horological terms and understanding of watch and clock making Technology.The information and drawings for this Encyclopaedic Dictionary have been taken from an old and out of copy book.It is a valuable source of information and Horological knowledge, covering many types of clocks & watches and their parts. Also included are descriptive passages on early devices used for the measurement of time and many wonderful historical references.

Both these books will be delivered to you in PDF format  for easy viewing and are a valuable tool and source of information for any Horological research you are doing on movements and clock makers.

                       You Can Order Your Copy Right Now - Just Click Here

                      So what's all this worth to you!

Lets look at it this way, we have had so many people come to the workshop over the years and ask if we could show them how we go about making our cases, we thought we would put this manual together just so other people could get the satisfaction of making there own clock case.

There is another thing at the back of my mind...
That is that there are very few case makers and restorers working professionally any more and as most horologists focus on the clock movements, we are in great danger of losing the skills and knowledge to correctly make or repair the cases for these wonderful pieces of furniture...

"Yes That’s What They Are Now Pieces Of Furniture".

Most people buy a Longcase clock as a piece of luxury furniture and not just to read the time.

As the means of telling the time is all around us now not just on our wrists but on TVs, Video recorders, cookers, mobile phones and oh yes computers.
We even have modern clocks that are corrected by an atomic clock that is so accurate it only has an error of a second in a million years... so they tell me!.

It would be nice to think that some body who had bought our manual would go on and maybe take case making and restoring that little bit further.

So I thought first of all I don’t know of many places you can go where you can learn how to make a clock case in the traditional way You can go on wood working courses, although these can cost you anything from $400 a day to $2000 a course.

You could go on a furniture-making course at a number of colleges or universities to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to do the job right...

This will take 1- 3 years of not just practical work but academicals too...

And the true cost, well, thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of effort and time...

If you wanted to make a Longcase clock yourself in a short period of time you could go out and like I did at first buy a kit. You will pay anything from  $600 - $1000 for a starter kit, that’s not worth its salt and this is for something that is just run of the mill and they don’t even show you how to put it together...

Now if you are looking for a Longcase clock to stand in your home in the style and period of the early 19th century, with its wonderful lines and proportions, you could go out and buy a legitimate antique Longcase clock, where you will pay... well you tell me!    How thick is your wallet?

"You can’t buy a half decent Longcase clock for less than $10,000 nowadays can you?"

So let's wrap this up...

Here's exactly what you get:

The "Making A Case For A Longcase Clock" Manual on 2 EBooks Viewers allowing you to watch the videos with its step by step guide and with over...
          38 screen capture videos and cutting list


How can you put a value on gaining the knowledge, tips & tricks on how to make a
          clock you can be proud of... from people that do it for a living, You can't!
          But if you really twist my arm, I'd say just the knowledge from just one Part is...
          worth between $60.00 and $80.00 all by itself!

The full, printable WORKBOOK for the "Making A Case For A Longcase Clock" program (This walks you step-by-step through the process so you get MAXIMUM
         benefit when working at your bench
Value:$40.00 - $60.00

A2 size workshop Drawing... Scale 1:5 (Put this up in your workshop and you will know exactly where you are) Value:$10.00

Mouldings & Template Sheet (Make your ply templates for the hood top, trunk door top and swan-neck mouldings by cutting them straight out and work from the actual
         size we used when making this case
and know the exact size and shape the
         moulding should be

Copy of the Fret pattern....(Just tape the fret pattern to the veneers you are going to use and cut out. Apply the frets to make your swan-neck hood into something really
          special you will be proud of

A Copy of “ List of English And European Clockmakers”...PDF format for easy viewing... (with thousands of names of clock makers from the "Clockmakers Company"
          lists an invaluable source of information on their lives and work that you can refer to
          when researching cases or movements
Value: $20.00

A copy of “The Horological Encyclopaedic Dictionary” PDF format for easy viewing...( a glossary of Horological terms and an understanding of watch and clock
                              making Technology
  Value: $20.00

After much deliberation we have shown the product to a number of people who all said we should be selling the manual  for a price between $250 and $300

We originally wanted to charge $200 for it (but will most likely end up charging $165.97 once the testimonials start flooding in) - especially since the WORKSHOP DRAWING, FRET PATTERN. and MOULDINGS & TEMPLATE SHEET are physical product delivered straight to your front door ...
But then I started thinking back to how much this information would have meant to me if I could have been able to get  my hands on it when I started making cases 20 years ago!

I don't want to let the price of this manual get in the way of your clock making... and even though
I could charge (and get) a whole lot more, I've decided to sell this entire package ( for a limited time only, because this is a test project for us and we are only releasing 500 copies)....

at the ridiculously low price of only $47.97. ( that's not a misprint... only $47.97).

But Wait You Don't Have To Decide Now...

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE For 30 Days

Don't decide now if  "Making A Case For A Longcase Clock"  is right for you.

Take 30 Days to put us to the test!  If 
"Making A Case For A Longcase Clock " doesn't show you exactly how to create and build a professional-grade Longcase clock, exactly how to buy and convert your timber and, how to construct and make a beautiful swan-neck case with this step by step guide using every day tools and easy to follow SIMPLE! detailed plan with full cutting lists that anyone can follow...

So allowing you to create a unique family heirloom to be passed on to future generations and save you money when compared to buying a manufactured clock! or clock kit!...

And if you feel this project is not for you for any reason what so ever We’ll give your money back ... no questions asked!

Just send the workshop drawing, fret pattern, moulding & template sheet, back to us and the viewers, pdfs and bonus books are yours to keep, your money will be refunded... no hard feelings!

So ALL the risk is on me...
and all the rewards and dreams of Making Your Own Longcase Clock are waiting for you.

To your clock building success!

Barry Share.

              Sorry No Orders Can Be Taken At The Moment.

                                           Order your copy Right Now !

P.P.S. - Let's be blunt: Have you got an old movement and dial pushed under your bench or a new one waiting still in its box as the project you have yet to start? Unless you take drastic action right now nothing is going to change.

You need "Making A Case For A Longcase Clock" because it will show you exactly how to get your clock making project up and running and finished with as little time and effort as possible. Your satisfaction is guaranteed

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