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    Riversdale Clocks | Books on Finishing find a variety of finishing videos and books on finishing:

clock manualThe "Making A Case For A Longcase Clock"
This manual on 2 Downloaderable manuals is a step by step guide and with over 39 screen capture videos and cutting list and workshop manual. We put this together from one of the many cases we have made and comes with every thing you need to make a traditional style case for a old or new movement.

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History of the American Clock Business...
                 Life of CHAUNCEY JEROME,

A title by Chauncey Jerome, who was a Clockmaker in the early 1800s. He made a fortune selling his clocks, and his business became enormous. Deciding to go into business for himself, Jerome began to make cases, trading them to Terry for wooden movements. In 1850 he formed the Jerome Manufacturing Co. as a joint-stock company with Benedict & Burnham, brass manufacturers of Waterbury. His future should have been secure but in 1855 he bought out a failed Bridgeport clock company controlled by P.T. Barnum, which wiped him out financially, leaving the Jerome Manufacturing Co. bankrupt.

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Beginners Guide to Woodworking

You’ve Got to Check Out This Woodworking Guide!

It’s not often that I take time from my busy schedule to endorse a product, but, in this instance, I felt that I had to...Why? Because, simply put,
 Beginners Guide to Woodworking” is absolutely the best woodworking how-to guide that I have ever come across.
This ebook is filled with proven, practical woodworking tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes beginning woodworkers make – saving you time and money and allowing you to begin immediately creating beautiful projects that will be enjoyed and shared by future generations!

To learn more visit: “This Woodworking Master Craftsman As He Reveals, All His
Woodworking Secrets –By Clicking

 Beginners Guide to Woodworking"

 "The Complete Intarsia Manual"

All the tool information you need - plus all the techniques, tips and tricks you want have been gathered in one place...

The result is "The Complete Intarsia Manual" and whether you're an experienced woodworker who needs help with the finer points - or you're just starting out with the fascinating art of intarsia and don't know one end of a scroll saw from the other - this book will prove invaluable
... with loads of supplier information and free plans too! get your copy today...  Click Here!

Boxes, Clocks, Lamps & Small Projects Book

Boxes, Clocks, Lamps & Small Projects Book

Small projects are perfect because they don’t take a lot of time and material, but are loaded with exquisite details. This book is packed with 22 beautiful projects that will make people stop to marvel at those details. Based on the best small projects from the pages of Woodworker’s Journal, this book has enough to keep the weekend warrior busy for a long time. From stylish items like the Bird’s-Eye Maple Lamp, to unique pieces like the Dovetail Puzzle Mallet, each project is accompanied by full-color, exploded drawings, expert step-by-step instruction and helpful tips from the pros. 160 pages.

  Boxes, Clocks, Lamps & Small Projects Book 


 Miniature Wooden Clocks for the Scroll Saw BookMiniature Wooden Clocks for the Scroll Saw Book

 These projects are functional as well as decorative, and are a great way to turn your scrap wood into gifts that will be appreciated. Master pattern designers Rick and Karen Longabaugh present more than 250 unique patterns designed for the popular 1-3/8" clock inserts. Clear and easy-to-follow instructions, coupled with precise computer graphics, will help you produce professional results in no time.

Miniature Wooden Clocks for the Scroll Saw Book


 "Clock Case Making"

Just the thought of making a case for a movement and dial, you have acquired from an antique fair or auction, can stop you in your tracks.

  Where to start?

If you are ever thinking of making a grandfather clock with a new or antique movement and dial..

                   This little ebook is a must read for you



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